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December 31, 2013
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Sekrain Prize by Oddstuffs Sekrain Prize by Oddstuffs
The other snail-naming prize!  :iconsekrain: asked for a surprise, but gave the suggestions werewolf or sword.  That got me to thinking, my werewolves are supposed to be created to be warriors, so they should be able to at least stand upright to fight.  So I redesigned my wolves just a smidgen to let them have a solid base to stand with and land a few blows, then designed some arm blades that they can wear while running and flip out to fight and slash with anyone who tries to sling a sword at them.

So, ta-da!  I hope you like it.  And thanks!  You got me thinking and helped me develop my werewolf world more.  :D

art and stuff (c) me
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Ooh ooh, lemmie do numbers too
1. the neck is oddly long
2. the arm blades are freaking awesome, lets them run and slash without silly swords
3. the face, I guess my only suggestion to be less lioney... is make the muzzle narrower and or longer
4. The arm blades are still awesome. Will everyone have different styles? DO they earn them? Make them? get gifted them? Who do they fight with them?
Oddstuffs Jan 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
lol, sure.  You can do numbers too.  :XD:
1. Yeah... I seem to have a thing for making necks too long.
2. Why thanks!
3.Yeah... I need to practice more accurate wolf faces.
4.  I think every one has similar, but the blade shapes might be different.  They were tailored by the weapon masters and assigned to each wolf by the army.  They fought whoever they were told to fight.  However, since war evolved the werewolf has become less significant.  Some of them still fight in the army, but for the most part they now live on their own and only fight amongst each other.  They prefer to be more "traditional" and have armor/weapon free combat when duking it out amongst themselves making it more of a test of strength and ferocity.
Sekrain Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I have a couple of things I have to say:
1.- I love/dislike your werewolves because the body/head-face (respectively)
2.- That arm blade design leave me without words, and it fits perfectly (Btw, I already though about how it could work and how to fold it when the werewolf is not using them :D)
3.- The protection on the arms is also a good adition.
4.- You really surprise me
Oddstuffs Jan 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
1. So, just to feed my curiosity, what is it you love/dislike about the body/head-face?  I'll be honest that I'm not entirely happy with the heads yet either.  This guy makes me think of the Lion King with his face and ruff, which I'm not pleased about because he is a WOLF, not a lion.  He should look different.  I've also mostly drawn cats, gryphons, dragons, and aliens most of my life.  This is my first time tackling wolves.
Basically, make a good enough argument about what feels wrong and I might change things, but if the argument is just "personal reasons" then I'll just be "too bad :P" until I figure something better out.
That, and if I do change things, Kevin will stay the same through chapter one.  I'll change his design come chapter two.
2-3.  Thanks!  Super glad you like it.
4. Success!
Sekrain Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Likes: Everything except the face :P (doesnt mean its ugly or bad. I explain below)
Dislike: Face (I repeat, is just a small dislike and is not bad) mostly because the nose that is a little blocky and wolfs have a more pointy nose (kind of) and the ears are more like a cat (wolfs have a more pointy ears and this ones look more like a cat, rounded).
Now the explanation...
Unfortunately and lamentably, I have seen that there is almost no perfect werewolf mostly because everyone has different ideas of how a monster that is a hibrid between human and wolf would look like, even if are the smallest details (heck, even if they should have tail or not). You can confirm this when looking at werewolfs images even here in dA. Some people draw them big, with marked and big muscles, big fangs and other people draw them more like the "furries" and so on... Is so complicated all this shit we call art :P
In my case, I rather prefer them like Van Helsing's werewolf and worgen (World of Warcraft).
So yeah. Im doing this just to help you ^^ but I do lack abilities and vision in drawing (not the art I work on) so I cant really give you a lot of help apart of some advices.
Oddstuffs Jan 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
Agreed.  There are a ton of different kinds of werewolves, and I like some of them, but not all of the.  For example, I really like the werewolf in the movie Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban, but I also like the more modernized furry werewolf that :icongoldenwolf: draws, although hers are too big and muscular for my taste.
Went and looked up your preferred weres.  Those Van Helsing wolves have some pretty nice fangs, and the Worgens do look very cool.

Your advice is good.  You pointed out the things that I needed to see.  I agree with you.  My wolf faces do need work.  Thanks.  :)  I should go practice some more accurate wolf faces and then stylize them.  Then maybe my weres will have more acceptable faces.  :XD:
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